Statuary White Marble

Statuary White Marble
Statuary Statuario White Marble from Italy | Stone Center Online

The difference between Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary marble.

Carrara The most common Italian marble is Carrara, named for the region it comes from. Carrara has a light gray field with a light gray veining. This stone can also tend toward blue-gray, and the patterning is usually soft and feathery.

Calacatta Many homeowners feel that a whiter marble looks more luxurious. They might opt for Calacatta, which is also available in the US. It’s quarried in Carrara as well. Calacatta has a field that’s bright white, and a lot more variation in color than Carrara. The veins are thick and dramatic and can range in color from gold to brown to beige to dark gray.

Statuary Statuary marble—whose name serves as a reminder that some of the world’s greatest statues are carved from marble. It too comes from the Carrara region. Statuary also has a bright white field, but not as much color variation as Calacatta. The veins are usually dark gray, so there’s a lot of contrast between light and dark in this stone.

Carrara is the best-priced marble, since more is quarried, and it’s seen as being less high-end. Calacatta, since it’s rarer and more coveted, could cost as much as $250 a square foot, and Statuary generally goes for about the same amount.

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